3 friend (dialogue)

Jane: Hello Ann.

Ann: Hello Jane.

Jane: I saw you in the friday’s party, didn’t I?

Ann: Oh yes! You danced very well.

Jane: Oh, thank you Ann. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate second year of our companion in our house. You won’t miss the day, will you?

Ann: Of course I won’t. Jessica is going with us, isn’t she?

Jane: Oh, she isn’t a lover of such kind of days. But it is our day and she can’t miss it, can she?

Jess: Hi friends, what are you talking about?

Jane: Hi Jess. About our day of companion.

Jess: Oh, It’s a great idea. Last year we spent it without any party. We played games all the time. It was awful day, wasn’t it?

Ann: This year we should not do the same mistakes, shall we?

Jess: Jessica played all the time without saying anything. She can’t dance well. Do you think she will come?

Jane: Oh Jess, don’t be so pessimistic!

Jess: Sorry girls. I am worrying about the day’s luck.

Ann: Worry without thinking unnecessary things. Am I right Jane?

Jane: Yes, you are right… Sorry girls, it’s my mom calling. I shall go home and help her with her housework. If I help her, she will let me to go with you, won’t she?

Ann, Jess: Bye Jane, good luck!

Jane: See you soon girls!

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