I can 

This year I learn a lot of things. I wrote many compositions, did translations.

So I can:

  • I can read… (books ("England: Places of interest", Oscar Wilde "Short stories"), different information from newspapers, magazines and internet (Wikpedia, www.whychristmas.com, other websites), lyrics of songs (last Christmas, Happy New year...))
  • I can write…(texts, composition, dialogues, translations (1, 2, 3))
  • I can listen and understand (speech (Of my english teacher, of my father, of movies (I translate some words)), dialogues (Short dialogues on You Tube), films (Home Alone 1, 2), cartoons (Disney cartoons on TV), etc)
  • I can speak (with my friend, at lessons, with foreigners (Once I have spoken with german people), etc)

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