My english compositions

What’s the minimum amount of sleep you need every night?

Doctors say, that people in my age need to sleep 8.5-10 hours. But I sleep only 6.5-7.5.

I can’t feel good at the lessons, when I sleep 7 hours. It’s too little for me. I want to sleep at lessons and teacher says that I am not listening the lesson. I go to bed very late, at 12:30 or 1:00. I wake up at 8:10 and go to school at 8:20. I think it’s not good timetable that I need. But I can’t go to bed earlier, because I have many lessons to do. When I have less lessons, I watch film and when film ends, clock shows 12 o’clock.

British and American english      

I prefer to use British english. It is more familiar for me than American one. The way they speak and write is easy for me. It’s the original english that I want to learn. I think that everyone must know British english before learning American. Americans like to make words and phrases easy and short for speaking and writing. Same word can have different pronunciation. They speak fast. Both englishes have their good and bad sides. Sometimes I use American english. It depends on which word I liked the best.

Role of wi-fi in our life

Many people use wi-fi in their home. They search for many things on the internet. Many answers or different questions people know from the internet. Some people play games to spend their free time. Some of them don’t want to spend money on books and read them online. Other people use wifi for online films, reports and courses. Other ones like to download a lot of music, to speak on skype, to visit facebook and other apps like that. People prefer wi-fi connection, because it’s more comfortable than USB connection. You can connect with many devices together. Some people say, that wi-fi is harmful for health. But no one pay attention at that fact.

Some people and I don’t imagine their life without wi-fi.

Honesty is lonely word

I think, that honesty is lonely word, because usually people don’t use it to describe someone. There are some peoples, that don’t know about the word. They are evil. Sometimes people don’t use this word, because there are no one to describe, to talk about. This word is only in dictionaries and vocabularies, in fairy tales and stories. There are a few honestly people.

One of my beautiful days

One day my family and I went to dance contest. There were a lot of people. We were sitting at the farthest side of the hall. That’s why I couldn’t see the concert close. But even from afar I understood and saw that it was a beautiful concert. There were 15 pairs. all the dancers danced very well. We had relatives there. They win 3rd place. But I think that they could win 2nd place, if they do better work. But they didn’t have enough time. At the first action they fixed 5th place. But at the second action send them to the benefit of winning better places. We gave them flowers and congratulated for good dancing and winning. After concert dancers and we went to restaurant. We had there a long and interesting talk about dance and good supper…))

Activities that I can’t do well, but enjoy

I like to swim. Swimming in the summer is one of my hobbies. I went to swimming courses last year, but I can’t swim very well. Every year my family and I go to the sea. I enjoy swimming there, but I am not good at it.

Sometimes I play volleyball. I don’t know all rules of that game and I can’t play well. I have never gone to volleyball courses. But it is funny to play volleyball with friend. I enjoy the game.

My hobbies

I have different types of hobbies. I like to watch films and movies, to paint, to dance. I have many pictures in my thick folder. At my free times I like listening to music. While I watch film, I like to paint, or make something with paper on my table. I also like walking in parks with my mother or friends. I like to spend my holidays close to nature. We usually go to seaside. I love swimming and I can swim not bad. I like to do many photos. Photography is one of my hobbies. Reading is my hobby too. I like reading adventure books, or journals or just something interesting in the internet. I love to skate. I have new pair of roller-skaters and every Sunday and Saturday I go to skate. Biking is one of my favorite hobbies too.

Advice to my friend

Dear friend, I want to give you some advises.

You should listen to your parents and other older people.

You shouldn’t cry on older people.

You should study well.

You shouldn’t eat with dirty hands, you should wash your hands before eating.

You should brush your teeth every day.

You should help your mother and father.

You shouldn’t interrupt speaking people.

You shouldn’t harrow other people.

You should keep your room tidy.

You should write and speak carefully, without making any mistakes.

You shouldn’t befoul the gardens and nature, you should keep them clear.

There are a lot of advices, but these things are important and you should remember.

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