The Missing Money

Jane had two children to raise. She had to buy clothes and pay the rent. She had a lot of bills. She worked hard to get money to pay all the bills. Jane was a waitress. She worked every day. Even when she was tired, she went to work. She needed to earn the money. After people ate, they would pay the cashier. The restaurant got that money. The manager used it to pay the costs. The manager paid the waitresses a salary. That is money that someone earns by doing a job. Jane’s salary was $600 a week. 

Jane counted on tips to help her get enough money every week. Customers paid the waitresses extra. That extra money is called a tip. It is a way of thanking the waitress for a good job. Jane did a great job. She was friendly. She was patient. If a customer did not like the food, she would take it back to the kitchen and get them a different meal. One night, after Jane had served dinner to a family, they left a big tip. She saw it on the table. It was $20. Jane was taking care of another family. She turned to help them at their table. When she turned back, the money was gone. There was no tip. She looked around the restaurant. She saw that a woman at another table was staring at her. She had not ordered food. She was looking at the menu. Jane went to ask her what food she wanted. She ordered just a sandwich. She ate it. She did not leave a tip. Jane wondered if this woman had taken the $20. She asked the cashier, “Did that woman pay with a $20 bill?” The cashier said, “Yes, she did.” Jane was sure the woman had stolen her money. But she could not prove it. The next night, the same woman came into the restaurant. She gave Jane $50. She said, “I was so sorry I took your money last night. I had a bad day. Someone stole my wallet. So I was angry. So I took your money. But that was not right. People should help each other. They should share good things. Not bad things. So I want you to take the money.” Jane said she knew how it feels to need money. And she was sorry the woman lost her money. She said, “I’ll take the $20 but you keep the rest. I know you need it.” The manager said, “You should have called the police.” Jane said, “No. We should forgive when someone apologizes and wants to make it right. We should try to help each other.”

I like this story very much. It teaches  us to be honest in every situation and it will come back to you.

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