Invention of the internet and we

Nowadays we just can't imagine our life without the internet. Everyone have smartphones or notebooks and surfing the internet everywhere: at the stations, at the airport, at the working place, at the breakes, in the bus, at school et cetera... In my opinion, Internet has positive effects to our civilization. It gives us fast and cheap communication method, it is also a source of information, and it's  great for entertainment. Everyone finds a corner on the internet. We can know latest news without buying magazines or watching television. We can communicate with video calls and see each other, or just send e-mails when we want.  With e-mails we not only can send texts and massages, we also can share pictures, movies, music, videos... With social networks we can post photos just after shooting them, and all of our relatives and friends can see where we are now and what we are doing. 

The internet is also a huge source of information. We can surf the internet many-many hours, days, years, but the information will never end. We don't need to buy a lot of books for every topic. Books also can be found on the internet. Also you can by things from other countries online, without going out. You can find everything you want while sitting in your room. 

But we shouldn't say that internet is our everything. It will never replace our health, physical activities, real communication, real friends, relatives and of course real life. We just can't "live online".

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