What kind of movies to prefer: my opinion




Today, watching movies become part of human's life. We don't imagine our life without movies. After work or school people come home very tired and want to watch comedy or entertaining movies to have fun and relax. We just can't watch serious movies, because it's more hard to understand than comedy movies. Scientists say that watching serious movies when we are tired, makes our brain to work harder and soon it gets more and more tired. Sometimes we feel asleep and don't understand the meaning of serious movies, and say that it is foolishness. Comedy and act movies are easy to watch and they don't need much energy to understand. I always tired after school, because of long day and boring way home, so I watch comedy movies more frequently than serious movies. But at the weekends I watch serious movies. 

I think, when we have free day or free time or planning to watch movie. we should watch serious films, for example historical, documentary, fantasy movies. We learn many things from that films, and they make us to think about life, future, history, technology, nature, feelings...


I like and watch both types of movies. I think that everyone should chose the right movie type according to status and personality.  

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