All happiness in a day


Before reading “All summer in a day” of Ray Bradbury, I thought that happiness can’t be just in a day, it is a long lasting emotion that appears when great things happen. And would make you happy for a long time. But now I realized that small thing like sun , can make thousands of people happy. Sun is small for us, because we accustomed to existence and no one notice how huge work sun does for us. Story tells us that people who live on Venus, can see the Sun only once per 7 years. That’s why the happiest day for them is the day they see the Sun and feel it’s heat. Now I know that small things like Sun’s heat can make people happy, and it isn’t necessary happiest things to be big. You can be happy, because you have friends and you can laugh with them, your family is health, and so do you. It is already happiness if you can feel the heat of the Sun, because many other people can’t. It is happiness that you can go to school, because there are poor children, who must work from too early age to earn money for food or medicine for their sick parents. We don’t think that such things are the happiness, because these are usual for us, so let’s notice everything around us and be happy, because we are already happy. :)

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