Which method of communication to use


10 years ago we thought why send sms when you can call and say what you want. Nowadays we say why to call if you can send sms. Technology is improved and we don’t imagine our life without social communication. Technology is great for communication when it comes to connecting with family and friends who live far away. But sometimes we overdo our social communication. I think when we can, we should speak face to face or call, but not send sms. Sometimes students communicate with their phones when they are in the same classroom. That’s bad. But when you are at home, you can video call your friends and chat. Now I mostly use my phone. It’s very comfortable, because you can use your phone not only for calls, also for video calls, chatting, games, camera, reading books, sending photos, sharing memories, for flashlight… We should thank those people who created smartphones. Nowaday I can’t imagine my life without smartphones. So I can’t give advices like “don’t use smartphones too much, try to communicate face to face”. :)

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