Black eye

The little boy` Harry went down the street. He lived in the small village, that had streets and big houses. Than he heard a low voice, he looked the house near, that house was forgotten. He tried to entered, but door was closed. Harry looked into the lock of the door and saw a black eye. Certainly there was somebody. It was late night and Harry went home. The next day he came back and saw that black eye again. But on the third day it wasn’t there. Harry was going to go home, when suddenly door opened. Harry looked in. On the top of the stairs he saw a girl in old clothes. She looked very strange. Boy asked.

-Who are you?

-I’m Andy.

-I’m Harry. What are you doing here?

-I am waiting …

-Waiting for what??

The girl disappeared. Boy scared, but decided to help her. They said to him that in that house was killed a girl named Andy. In the next day Harry went to that house again. He started to talk with Andy.

-       Im waiting for my parents to take me home. I’m waiting for 13 years.

-       Really? I wanna help you to go home.

-       Can you?

-       Of course. Please follow me.


Harry took Andy home. She was so happy. Harry smiled and went home. In the next day Harry didn’t woke up, never… 

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