V. Ananyan "Pitiful look"

I was young, nearly 14 years old.

One morning our neighbor Artenants Arshak came and knocked our door. I opened.

-Give me your gun.-he said.-I saw rabbits at the Jughtak fountains, and I want to shoot one. 

I gave him my gun and he went away. 

At the afternoon Arshak came back. All in sweat. 

-I hurt one a little, but it escaped to the Badalants hill and i lost it.- said he regretfully.

-Hey man, hunting is not everyone's work,- Said I boasting, took my gun and set off. 

When I reached the place that Arshak said, I saw new footprints of rabbit on the snow.

It ran with 3 legs, because one was hurt. After some steps I saw blood on the snow. 

"It is not going to run from me" - happily thought I and went on. 

Footprints were through the stones, stumps, scrubs. 

Wounded was sitting in a high place. The footprints of three legs were clearly seen. Instead of right leg there were blood that covered the white snow. 

Footprint ended at he big rock in front of me. When I reached that rock, I nodded and looked through the hole under the rock, the rabbit was laying in it's nest with another small rabbit and put it's hurt leg in the fur of that small rabbit. 

Hurt rabbit looked at me with pitiful look and didn't want to run away. Immediately I turned back and went to village.

That pitiful look...

I saw Arshak when he was bringing water for his mammals. 

He looked at me with irony and asked.

-Hey, did you bring that rabbit? No! So why were you boasting.

What should I say? Or if I say, would he understand?


Translated by Siranoush Asatryan,10 grade

Sourse: http://lib.mskh.am/images/books/V.-Ananyan.pdf   page 56

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