Today is August 4

Today is August 4, 2018. Yesterday was my 17th birthday. I had crazy day, so today I need a rest. I will watch movies and animes  whole day and prepare for August 6's hiking to mt. Aragats. 

Today is August 4, 2026. This is gonna be hard day. My friends and I will present our science work about new galaxies to our director at NASA. I'm very exited, we'd been working very hard for it. If he like it, we would have chance for promotion. Also small vacation to Dubai or Maldives. 

Today is August 4, 2094. I'm grand daughter of Siranoush. Im 47 years old. I'm writing you from spaceship to Mars. I'm here with my school friends, as visiting Mars was our dream since we were child. We've been flying for a couple of months and soon we will land. We're very exited...

*Mars crashes to Earth* 

The end of the story.

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