My hobbies

I have different types of hobbies. I like to watch films and movies, to paint, to dance. I have many pictures in my thick folder. At my free times I like listening to music. While I watch film, I like to paint, or make something with paper on my table. I also like walking in parks with my mother or friends. I like to spend my holidays close to nature. We usually go to seaside. I love swimming and I can swim not bad. I like to do many photos. Photography is one of my hobbies. Reading is my hobby too. I like reading adventure books, or journals or just something interesting in the internet. I love to skate. I have new pair of roller-skaters and every Sunday and Saturday I go to skate. Biking is one of my favorite hobbies too.

My favorite hobbies are: reading, painting, watching films, photography, walking, swimming, skating and biking.

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