My own reality show

I thing all of you know that I adore traveling, so of course if I have a chance to do my own reality show, it would be about traveling around the world. I'll make competition in 3 categories: the most beautiful journey, the most incredible journey, the most scientific journey. Participants will choose the category they want, make a list where they want to go, and what are they going to do and we will go with them and film their journey. They will go to dangerous places, they will climb, walk for a long time, explore the wild nature and animals, or go to the famous or old cities, museums, places of entertainment, they will find most beautiful places of our planet. There will be 3 winners. The prize will be as much money as they need for their next journey and necessary equipments. I thing that it will be interesting to watch and we will have lots of participants and followers. 

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